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Allium ursinum L. Extarct

The plant contains an essential oil – vinyl sulfide, divinylsulfide, alpine piperacillin acid. A significant amount of vitamin C (especially in the leaves) and highly active phytoncides with strong bactericidal and fungicidal properties are important compositions of the herb.

Helps lower blood pressure and blocks cholesterol plaque formation. It is recommended for avitaminosis, atherosclerosis and hypertension. Extract from the herb has a suppressive effect on the development of some of the most common causes of gastrointestinal infections. It has a strong phytocidal effect – kills the causative agents of various infectious diseases (streptococci, staphylococci, influenza, dysentery, etc.). Wild garlic has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal system. It is very suitable for acute and chronic disorders as well as for constipation. The herb has benefits effect at stomach induced heartburn (Reflux acids), insomnia and high blood pressure.