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Lemon Balm Extract – Melissa officinalis L

Lemon balm contains essential oil – citral, citronelol, geraniol, linalol and others. The sedative action is due to the citral. In addition, the herb contains triterpenes, including oleanolic acid and ursolic acids, 5% tannins and sugar starch. Natural essential oils, from different parts of plants, are effective active antimicrobials.

The main ingredients of Lemon balm – caffeic acid, eugenol, chlorogenic acid and p-coumaric acid, increase the content of digestive juices and thus improve the digestive system functioning.

The herb soothes the nervous system, has a spasmolytic (antispasmodic), painkiller and anti-inflammatory action. It is used to treat various nervous disorders – neurosis, neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis, migraine, digestive disorders of neurogenic origin, treatment of high blood pressure.


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